Goa Beyond the Beaches

    Goa Beyond the Beaches

    A constant travel bug, I decided to explore this paradisaical land of gorgeous beaches and one-of-a-kind sightseeing attractions. Goa — declared as the ‘fun capital of India’ — sits high on many travelers holiday bucket lists. Goa is a beach destination that is a magnet for tourists from India and abroad. Contrary to popular belief though, Goa is not just about the beaches and party. It is an experience, a real stress-buster, a guilty pleasure… But for me especially, it is like a world full of contradictions. Exploring Goa is my distant love affair that deepens with time.

    On my last trip to Goa, we enjoyed our stay at Baga Hideout Resort that offered a great Goan ambiance and vibe. The hotel was strategically located near the tourist attractions and surrounded by many food stalls. Having explored Goa beyond the beaches, here are some other wonderful things to do in Goa I can recommend from my own experience.

    1. Things To Do In Goa Beyond the Beaches


    Goa Beyond the Beaches

    Fort Aguada: ‘Dil Chahta Hai Point’

    Popularly known as the Dil Chahta Hai Point , this fort is also a four-storey lighthouse. We couldn’t finish our trip to Goa without shooting up on its rugged stairs to get the view of the vast Sinquerim beach.

    Another intriguing fact about the fort is the central jail in the basement, which is also the largest of Goa and was used mainly to imprison drug traffickers. The prison area is still off limits to the public. It’s indeed an amazing spot to hang out and to enjoy the superb view of Mandovi River and take tons of photos with your loved ones.

    2. Crocodile Spotting and Elephant Bathing in Goa

    When packing your bags for Goa’s ‘Treasure Island’, there’s a heck of a lot of adventurous things on the cards. For us, one adventure we had to have was the crocodile spotting.

    It was an impromptu fun boat ride from Cortalim Jetty to the Cumbharjua Canals, which are widely known as the home of the crocodiles. It’s recommended not to stand too close and avoid standing on the edge, as the crocodiles have a habit of popping up suddenly which could give you enough of a surprise to lose your footing! But hey don’t let that scare you! Just follow that simple rule and you’ll be fine. Most of the time, the crocodiles swim slowly and just chill […]

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