10 Foods Bad For Your Heart


2. Fried Chicken

Almost everyone loves to gorge on the fried chicken which is tasty but harmful on the other hand. The fried chicken comes with 63 grams of fat, 350 mg of cholesterol and 920 calories, which indicates how bad it is for your heart, thereby increasing your cholesterol level.


3. Sausages

Who knew this small tiny piece of meat could wreak havoc on your heart and arteries? It is true that the sausages which you mostly eat in the form of hot dogs contain high amounts of saturated fat and sodium. 100 grams of sausage contains 301 calories, which can block your arteries.


4. Cheesecake

If you are fond of cheesecake beware! This sweet dessert comes with calories and fat that is risky for your heart. A single piece of cheesecake packs 860 calories, 57 grams of fat and 80 grams of carbohydrates. So, think twice before eating it.


5. Steak

Steak contains high amounts of cholesterol and saturated fat that is enough to make your heart weak. A beef steak contains 594 calories, 18.5 grams of fat and 191 mg of cholesterol and this amount doubles up once you cook it.


6. Burgers

Burgers are everyone’s favourite food from small children to adults. A single burger contains 29 grams of fat, 540 calories and 1040 mg of sodium, which is dangerous for your heart if eaten in large quantities. Limit your burger intake or else make a home-made burger.


7. Pizza

Pizza is another dangerous food that is harmful for your heart. It is high in saturated fat and sodium with 4.4 grams and 551 mg, respectively. The pizza crust is high in carbohydrates and sodium and the pizza sauce is also high in sodium, which is enough to damage your heart and increase the cholesterol.


8. Chips

You must be craving for those salted potato chips whenever you are hungry. But you will be shocked to know that these salted chips contain 155 calories, 10.6 grams of fat and 149 mg of sodium. Eating this will add on pounds in your body, which leads to unhealthy weight gain.


9. Blended Coffees

Blended coffees which are served at famous coffee shops are unhealthy for your heart. Want to know why? The blended coffees are mixed with syrup, sugar, whipped cream and other toppings which are full of calories and fat. This overloads the blood glucose that leads to diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.


10. French Fries

French fries is another food that can cause heart disease. They are filled with high carbohydrates, fat and sodium which can spike your blood sugar. Eating them daily will cause weight gain and also fat accumulation in the arteries, leading to a heart blockage.

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